Robinson’a Aşık Olmak (Loving Robinson)

Love was always for the braves.
Love loved those who could see, hear and feel.
Love chose the braves and abandoned the cowards.
Love arrived and love left.
Remains were the moments, memories and what they understand by love...

An unexpected, passionate love; and a personal development journey filled with flames in this love...



Göksel Aksel was born in Trabzon. He finished Foreign Trade and European Union Program in Çanakkale 18 March University, then he started to work on Business and finished MsC Programme in Avrasya University.

He became one of the pioneers who studied on Neuro Linguistic Programming in scope of Business Department with his MSc thesis that gathered NLP and Business. He participated various trainings based on self-development, made researches and had international acceptable certificates, then started to provide personal and organizational consultancy with the certificates confirmed by University Union of States. He has been working for IAS Business Academy as a Training Specialist since 2020. His first novel “Loving Robinson” published in 2020. Since 2010 he has been conducting NGO projects. He is a charter member of Community Development Association, and Gender Equality and Social Equality Association. In addition, he run projects with European Union Information Centers and strived as Training Specialist for various EU Projects.

He attends as lecturer to the educational organizations, public speeches, conferences and media shows. Besides he is a TESOL (Teacher of English to Speaker of Other Languages). He is a PhD candidate and studies on Neuro Science and Marketing at Hitit University.


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2023 – Actual and Renewed Contents

Seminars, Interviews and Speeches for College Students and University Clubs
⦿ Futuristic Career Management.
⦿ The Success Key Hidden Your Mind!
⦿ Self-Motivation and You got the Talent!

Institutive Services
⦿ Sustainable Manager Coaching
⦿ Sustainable Team Coaching

Institutive Trainings
⦿ Performance Boosting Team Motivation
⦿ Stress and Time Management
⦿ Online Communication and Writing Techniques
⦿ Power of the Communication (Effective Communication)
⦿ Presentation Skills
⦿ Emotional Agile

Personal Coaching
⦿ Personal Coaching (Life Coaching)
⦿ Mind Detox
⦿ Student Coaching (For College Students)
⦿ Personal Motivation Coaching
⦿ Personal Affirmation Program

Trainings For Sales Team
Effective Sales and Efficient Personnel (SST.202.E)
The purpose of this training is to increase sales performance of the team by making them focus their goals. The main frame of the training;

⦿ Communication between Personnel
⦿ Customer Communication Methods
⦿ Effective Sales Tips

Super Manager Program (SST.202.E)
The purpose of this training that has been created for managers and team leader, is to increase managers’ motivation and boost their management skills. The main frame of the training;

⦿ Personal - Manager Communication
⦿ Customer Communication Methods
⦿ Sales Motivation
⦿ Self-Motivation and Team Motivation
⦿ Stress Management
⦿ Time Management
⦿ Conflict Management



〉Institutive Content

✦ Performance Boosting Online Meeting

✦ Team Based Motivation and Performance Boosting NLP program

✦ Online Manager Coaching


〉Individual Content

✦ Online Success Motivation

✦ Online başarı motivasyonu programı

✦ Personal & Relationship Coaching



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